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At Adebule Consult, we know what it means to be an enterpriser and how to run effective and successful business. We puts together a bunch of passionate minds to transform your visions into reality imparting an awesome digital experience for your users. From website design, development, scalable mobile apps to SaaS platforms, the solution we engineer accelerate efficiency and fuel growth for our clients. Our goal is your satisfaction and we won't go further in the project until you are really satisfied with each step of the development process.

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The process is defined as a sequence of steps. When followed, it helps to achieve a goal. We consider it - the art of thinking through.

Idea and Conception

We research the methods that would work best for your project and come up with a detailed plan on how to move forward. It starts with a Free Consultation wherein we assess the scope of the project. We listen to you and help to define clear-cut goals and provide a formal proposal as well as a time and cost estimate.


We build towards your vision, using our expertise to sculpt your project into the desired product. Once it is approved by you, design samples representing how the main pages of the site will navigate are created and production begins.


Our team cements the hard work that we’ve accomplished and makes sure that our progress functions as intended. Images and ideas are converted to html and site structure and diagrams become code. Any additional features such as database development, Flash animation and other functionality will be integrated at this stage.


Together we set out to make sure that we have a plan for the future and that you have the tools necessary to secure it. This phase involves testing all design and development for cross-platform and browser compatibility. In simple terms, we make sure your website works on any PC and browser like Internet Explorer. Once testing is complete, we launch the website and submit it to all major search engines.


Our Solutions

Hospital Management System

A hospital and clinic management software which enables you to run your core financial, clinical, and operational processes. Medic Hospital solves the complications coming from managing all the paper works of every patient associated with the various departments of hospitalization with confidentiality.

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School Management Software

Essence has 8 inbuilt user's roles- SuperAdmin, Admin, Teacher, Accountant, Librarian, Receptionist, Student and Parent. Virtually you can create unlimited number of user roles for staff members.

More About Essence

Business Management Software

The Business Management Software comes with every suite of components to run and grow your business. It has everything from managing your business finance, managing sales, keeping relations with customers, and helping them when they need you.

More About Eigen

Tailor Management System

Eprex is user-friendly and with no error that is usually associated with handwriting. It allows you to get an instant overview of your business and ensures access to income, customers, and expenses information.

More About Eprex

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve looked at the options when it comes to website design companies in the world and have set out to create the best designs for all of our clients. We work incredibly hard for you and elevate your business above the competition. Adebule Consult handles all of your marketing from start to finish with special consideration for the amazing design of your website. We love the variety of website projects out there and our team is skilled in everything from WordPress to complicated custom web-based infrastructures. We are capable of helping locally or all over the world! Our extensive experience in all kinds of development gives us the versatility needed to undertake truly ambitious projects.
The short answer is yes, a better website will almost always result in more sales. However, there are a large amount of factors that can affect how much a website makes outside of just the design. If no one is finding your website at all, than changing the website may not increase your revenue by much. Though, in many cases a redesign is enough to have your website shown to more people in search results. However, in our experience the people who most benefit from our digital solutions are companies who already have an existing customer base but are losing out on new customers because of a poorly designed or poorly optimized website. In terms of increasing sales, one of the most significant factors in making a website generate higher profits is whether it functions properly on mobile devices. Mobile first web design philosophy is a core belief of ours here at Adebule Consult; and that belief is 100% backed up by our own data and the data of many other organizations all across the world wide web. A small change like fixing the mobile version of a website is often enough on its own to increase the money coming in from prospective clients. Better local integration is a major plus in our experience and local integration is included as part of all of our projects. Don’t let your website languish without mobile optimization, fix it today!
We will! In almost every case we improve both our client’s website speed and performance. There are some cases where speed may need to be sacrificed for another metric, but in every example we do what is best to help your website generate more sales. Page speed can be complicated. Technically speaking, the best page speed is achieved from an entirely blank page on a very fast hosting service. Now obviously a blank page will not result in any customers buying your product, so there is a careful balance of adding features, elements, and images to a page to entice potential buyers into becoming customers. Finding that balance is a key skill in conversion optimization and in the designing of a good business website.
Having global experience we know there are some differences in web design, advertising, and marketing in general that come up when trying to find new customers in different locations. While it is not actually unique in terms of any special tasks that need to be done, the targeting of any website needs to be local until they are ready to scale up to a national audience. There are enough customers in a city to fulfill the needs of most small businesses. Since the customers are there, we try to build a website more focused on your specific region; once you're the leader in your area we have the specialized expertise needed to scale your company to a national powerhouse.
Yes! User interfaces and user experience are major considerations in all website design. Since 2016 Google has decided that mobile devices are far more important for search results then desktops. That means that every web page’s UX/UI needs to be designed with mobile users in mind. Beyond just the mobile element the user experience and user interfaces of a website play a crucial role in the number of sales a business makes digitally. Statistically, certain types of pages will work better than others and the placement of CTAs, quote systems, and other elements need to be positioned and tested to find the best possible outcome for your user experience. All of our website designs are done with this in mind and our recurring clients are all given the benefit of our ever-updating knowledge on the best ways to drive sales on their websites. We offer a number of other services like application (both mobile and web) creation. Our mobile/web application development projects tend to have a much broader focus on UI/UX. The massive number of mobile applications on the market requires any company to be unique with the user experience. So, the role of the user is even more important in app design. Our design team features a number of UX experts that can go into more detail. If you require these services we encourage you to head over to our contact page. We can help!
It very much depends on the project! Some simple or local websites can be finished in about a week. Meetings often speed up the process. However, we’ve had some very large projects that can stretch across multiple years. Really the only way to know how long a project will take it so ask directly. For the most part, the average small business website will take anywhere from one and a half weeks to a few months. Our projects are broken down into a few different sections to help you better understand our roadmap.

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