Essence School Management System

The software consists of 23 modules listed below -

  1. Front Office - for all reception/front office related activities like enquiries, calls, visitors, postal receive/dispatch
  2. Student Information - for all the information related to student like student search, profile, student admission, student history
  3. Fees Collection - for all the details related to student fees collection, fees master creation, fees dues, fees reports
  4. Income - for all the income other than fees collection can be manage here like add income, search income, income head
  5. Expenses - for all the expenses related to school can be manage here like add expenses, search expenses, expense head
  6. Attendance - for managing student attendance and attendance report
  7. Examinations - for managing all the exams conducted by school like create exam, schedule exam, exam marks entry, marks grade
  8. Online Examinations - for managing online exams conducted by school
  9. Academics - for managing all the parameters / master data required to run school like classes, sections, subjects, assign teachers, class timetable, promote student to upper class
  10. Human Resource - for all the information related to staff members can be manage here like staff search, profile, attendance, payroll, leaves
  11. Communicate - it works like a notice board basically a messaging system for communication to students, parents and teachers
  12. Download Center - for managing downloadable documents like assignments, study material, syllabus and other documents need to distribute students and teachers
  13. Homework - teachers can give homework here and further evaluate them
  14. Library - all the books in your library can be manage here
  15. Inventory - manage all the assets of your school with stocks and store under inventory module
  16. Transport - for managing transportation service like routes and their fares
  17. Hostel - for managing hostels, hostel rooms and their fares
  18. Certificate - design and generate student certificate and ID Card here
  19. Front CMS - manage front public site of essence school here by creating pages, menus, events, gallery, news
  20. Reports - all the various reports related to different modules can be found here
  21. System Settings - configure essence school here for different settings like school, sessions, admin password, SMS, Paypal, backup / restore, languages
  22. Calendar & ToDo List - track and manage all daily/monthly activities and create your task in todo list
  23. Chat - chat for two way messaging staff and students